Commercial Cleaning Takes on New Meaning

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reports that 35 states are now experiencing widespread influenza and 20 are reporting high levels of influenza-like illness. What makes this flu season different is that for the first time since the 2009 pandemic, the predominant strain is the H1N1 virus which hits young and middle-aged adults the hardest.

And when it hits, it doesn’t just mean the individual with the flu is down for the count. Studies show that the flu costs businesses approximately $7 billion per year due to the nearly 111 million work days lost, and this year, the prevalence of illness among working-age adults could have even greater financial consequences for businesses.

This means businesses should hire cleaning professionals who know how to thouroughly combat viruses, germs, and bacteria in order to help prevent the spread of it within the company.

But as we have learned over the last four decades of cleaning everything from concert halls to healthcare facilities, there are many benefits to staying ahead of the dust.

Here are some facts:

Since 2005, more than 30 states have begun requiring hospitals to release their hospital-acquired infection rates. As a result, patients now take into account cleanliness and infectious disease rates more than they do proximity and even hospital reputation when choosing which hospital to use.

– Steris Corporation,
January 2009

In the first 30 seconds upon entering your establishment, a new customer forms his or her first impression of your business. Impressions begin to form even before a customer steps through the door, as he or she relates the outside appearance of your building to the quality of product or service inside. Are You Displaying The “Right” Business Image To Attract Customers?

– Small Business Brief,

Since customers value cleanliness, they will seek out specific stores that are reliably clean. Certain parts of the store, such as the restrooms, are especially important because the customer relates the cleanliness of restrooms to the cleanliness of other parts of the facility. People are uneasy about the spreading of germs and bacteria, and failing to keep the restroom up to customer standards deter people from returning and hurt overall business.

– Convenience Store Decisions,
September 2008

Offices across the world have germs covering a wide array of surfaces that cause employees to take an average of seven sick days per year.

– UnArchived Articles,
July 2008

Studies show that cleanliness is one of the main factors in determining customer satisfaction along with clean facilities and ample parking.

– The Sport Journal,